Team Day – Seeing what is?

Team Day – Seeing what is?




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    The real challenges in organisations are not in the parts or the people – but in the connections. Learning to understand the relationship dynamics inside a team or company, and what dynamics lead to failure and what promotes success is only possible when one understands and respects the hidden laws that operate within a group of people.

    This one day workshop will involve experiential exercises with a focus on giving the team an opportunity to view situations, challenges and relationships from a different perspective. This way of working enables people to see beyond the obvious issues to reveal the hidden undercurrents that can frustrate a system. Accessing the reservoir of intelligence of your subconscious mind can enable you or your team to make better decisions and to effectively implement them.

    At this workshop there is an opportunity to review how you can move forward as a team ensuring better clarity, reduced duplication, increased productivity and sustainability.

    Through simple but powerful exercises “tacit knowledge” emerges and you may be surprised with what you didn’t know you knew. New information, different perspective and productive conversations may lead to new solutions to re-occurring issues. Everyone wants to work in an atmosphere that is co-operative and supportive, where everyone feels relaxed, safe, and in their right place.

    This investment in the team represents the immense power of collaboration and reinforces the old principle that the quality of relationships determines the quality of results.

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