Becoming a Mindful Leader

Mindfulness Meditation

6 Week Mindfulness Meditation Programme

The practice of meditation in the business world is increasingly moving from the sideline to the mainstream, and already features as a key part of a number of management and organisation development programmes. The first step to becoming a mindful leader is to develop self-awareness. How can we change something that we don’t know? Leaders can raise their own mindfulness by paying attention to how they are showing up with people and within situations at work. Are they inspiring the best in themselves and others? Research has found that of all the elements affecting bottom-line performance, the importance of the leader’s mood and its associated behaviours are most surprising. That powerful pair set off a chain reaction: The leader’s mood and behaviours drive the moods and behaviours of everyone else.

The first step leaders can take is to begin to lift their heads, open up, stop for a moment and notice how things are instead of how they want them to be. Once they become aware of how they are reacting and engaging, they can make a plan to improve their awareness and presence. Introducing Mindfulness meditation and adopting some mindful approaches in their everyday life will allow them to experience the benefits associated with being present, aware, focused and open to other perspectives. Recognising that emotional energy starts at the top and creating a healthy, emotionally safe work environment has never been more important. Leaders must remember they are always being watched.

This 6 week Introduction to Mindfulness meditation for Leaders programme involves a blended approach that includes experiential exercises, formal meditation practices, mindfulness tips and techniques, and the realistic application of mindfulness in everyday life. Working as part of a group helps to encourage participation, intention and a collective energy which can have a profound impact on motivation, support and inspiration.