One Hour Introduction

Mindfulness Meditation

One hour Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Do you find yourself working through your days on automatic pilot? Unintentionally neglecting an important relationship or missing a significant opportunity?

“Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us happier and healthier; they’re a proven competitive advantage for any business that wants one.”
Arianna Huffington

Our work environment can be stressful, pressurised and challenging and as we are always in the “doing” mode it can mean we never have any downtime to re-balance and re-focus. An overload of information and not enough time to process that information is a common source of stress in work situations. Cluttered minds cannot solve problems well, cannot make good decisions, or think creatively.

Mindfulness enhances our abilities to interact with others, maintain perspective, and attune with others’ emotional states. It helps develop greater confidence and resilience, improves interpersonal and communication skills, and helps behave with intention. Research has also discovered that mindfulness plays a role in our perception of change and the ambiguity associated with change. Embracing change with openness and curiosity rather than with a fearful attitude through self-awareness and present moment attention is part of the informal practice of mindfulness.

Cultivating a more mindful approach can promote greater co-operation within teams and develop a win-win attitude that impacts on everyone and creates a better place to work.

This practical 1 hour introductory mindfulness session involves a blended approach, which will include some experiential exercises, basic mindfulness practices and tips and the realistic application of mindfulness in everyday life.

As a result of attending this session you will learn to:
• Use your breath to interrupt stress
• Enhance your focus and attention.
• Improve your self-awareness
• Self-regulate when under pressure
• Increase your energy