A Guided Self Healing Session

A Guided Self Healing Session


Wednesday 5th May 2021 – 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Investment is €47.00

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    “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”  Hippocrates

    With instructions to stay safe and separate to reduce the spread of the coronavirus this is an opportunity to benefit from some online guided self-healing practices that can offer rejuvenation, wellness and balance. Self-healing helps to relax the body, release tensions and strengthens the body’s own immune system.

    Many things in our lives, especially at this time, can disturb the energy flow and balance throughout our bodies and our Chi, Qi, or our Universal Life force must flow freely to maintain our health.  If our health depends on free flow of energy and information, it follows that illness is likely to be promoted by “blocks” to the flow. Our body has an innate mechanism for self-healing therefore by cultivating a subtle awareness of the messages our bodies send we can begin the process of nurturing and maintaining good health. Feeling your own inner energy and utilising it to self-heal will make you feel healthier, less stressed and promote feelings of peace in your body.

    During this 2 hour online session we will tap into the inner resources found within us all to channel our inner energy and promote self-healing.

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