Are you in your Right Place?- 1 Day Workshop

Are you in your Right Place?- 1 Day Workshop


Saturday 15th October 2022 – 10am to 5pm

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    Are you in your Right Place? – One Day Systemic Constellation Workshop

    This powerful one day workshop provides an opportunity to explore where you are in your life from a different perspective. Discovering and possibly shedding new light on both your abilities and difficulties in finding your “RIGHT” place. Finding your right place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is a basic need. In this place we can feel comfortable, at peace and purposeful. Taking your right place in Life is essential.

    You may find this day especially valuable if you are feeling “stuck”, demotivated or even stressed by not knowing where your “right” place is. Sometimes trying to think our way through something that needs to be felt or experienced brings more questions than answers.

    The opportunity to participate in this workshop will give you space, insight and choice to look at where you are in your life from a different perspective. This work is dynamic, innovative and transformational allowing you to gain a new perspective on unresolved issues that may be keeping you “stuck” and out of your right place.  Seeing things through “fresh eyes” can lead to an inner release of old ideas, patterns and behaviours that can mark the beginning of change, freedom, purpose and fulfilment.

    If you’re unsure of where your “right” place is then this Systemic Constellation workshop on Saturday 15th October could provide space to make implicit knowledge explicit; to step into the “knowing field” and “externalise” the internal picture. The benefits of this way of working are that there is a quicker and deeper shift, a strong and intense experience on a mental, emotional and somatic level, and an opportunity to take a step to better. 

    This work is powerful, transformational and healing.

    “Issues want to be respected, not just solved”  Jan Jacob Stam

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