Are you in your Right Place? Online Session

Are you in your Right Place? Online Session


The cost of this 90 minute session is €100.00

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    Are you in your right place?

    A systemic approach to finding your place in your personal or professional life

    This 90 minute online session allows you to explore, from a different perspective, whether you’re in the right place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Expanding your awareness and engaging with your innate wisdom permits you to “widen the lens” so that you are free to form a new and healthier perspective.

    This way of working will allow you to explore what’s hidden from view and move beyond the repeating patterns that are limiting and keeping you stuck.  Opening up possibilities and finding a way to move to transformation and flow.

    In this One 2 One session I use a technique that is visual and participative enabling you to explore an issue or question regarding your right place.  If this sounds like something you’d find useful – please contact me at 

    Investment is €100.00 for this 90 minute session





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