February Monthly Meditation Session – 22/02/2024

February Monthly Meditation Session – 22/02/2024


Thursday 22nd February 2024 – 7.30pm to 9pm


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    Balancing Head & Heart

    “We arrive at truth, not by reason only, but also by the heart” (Blaise Pascal Pensées)

    Balancing our head with heart can be the most challenging of juggling acts.  Choosing in favour of one rather than utilising both.  The mind is a great driving force, when we need it, while the heart holds an intelligence of awareness, understanding and intuition.  Learning to integrate both head (intellect) and heart (emotion) provides an opportunity to make more fully informed decisions.

    Research has found that meditation and mindfulness practices are ways of accessing the wisdom centre of your brain, an area that is associated with learning, attention, motivation and emotion.  Meditation reduces stress levels in the body and returns it to restful awareness.   From this perspective we can pause, breathe and reap the benefits of information from both the intellect and the heart.

    During this hybrid session we will take time to practice some simple but powerful techniques to nurture our relationship between our head and heart.

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