Flourish & Live with Ease & Flow – 1 Day Workshop

Flourish & Live with Ease & Flow – 1 Day Workshop


Saturday 5th February 2022 – 10am to 5pm

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    Flourish & Live with Ease & Flow – One Day Systemic Constellation Workshop

    Stuck in a repeating patterns
    Unable to set boundaries
    Feeling guilty when you say no
    Find it difficult to put yourself first
    Goals that elude you
    Challenging personal or professional relationships

    Are you experiencing any of these issues and would like to get to the root cause?  Would you like to explore what’s sabotaging your best efforts to achieve your potential and what’s limiting you living your best life?

    Join my next systemic constellation workshop “Flourish & Live with Ease” as I work with a process that can bring new clarity and harmony to personal and professional challenges.

    Systemic constellations are a healing exploration of issues that allow you to take all the elements of a question/issue and arrange them into physical space, where everything can be seen and experienced. Working with this powerful methodology can offer you the opportunity to discover what’s really getting in your way?

    This work is dynamic, innovative and transformational, allowing you to gain a new perspective on unresolved or inherited issues, unravelling and unwinding the invisible threads that may be holding you back.  This way of working offers a #unique exploration of issues that have not previously benefited from linear analysis.   A “reaching out” and directing your gaze from a narrow to a wider perspective allows you to see what needs to be seen.  Thus giving way for you to acknowledge and accept what is and thereby allowing you to flourish and live with flow and ease.

    Being involved in this type of workshop has many benefits for participants, not only that it moves swiftly to the root cause of an issue but it brings about transformative and healing resolutions.

    “Issues want to be respected, not just solved”  Jan Jacob Stam

    Join me on Saturday 5th February 2022 if you’ve a question or an issue that you’d like to explore from a different perspective.

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