In-Person Meditation Session – 11th October 2023

In-Person Meditation Session – 11th October 2023


Wednesday 11th October 2023 – 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Cost is €20.00

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    Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

    Cultivating gratitude is a skill, and we can profit immensely by learning and practicing it.  Gratitude is about feeling and expressing appreciation.

    Gratitude changes perspective—it can sweep away most of the petty, day-to-day annoyances on which we focus so much of our attention— situations that bring up feelings of impatience, intolerance, negative judgment, indignation, anger, or resentment. Gratitude is a way to diffuse self-pity and self-centeredness, increase feelings of well-being, and prompt mindful awareness of the world we live in.

    Do join me for our next in-person monthly meditation session and let’s explore how gratitude can improve our lives. 

    There is always something to be grateful for!



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