In-Person Meditation Session – 14th June 2023

In-Person Meditation Session – 14th June 2023


Wednesday 14th June 2023 – 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Cost is €20.00

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    Walking Meditation – In-Person Session

    Mindfulness meditation doesn’t have to be practiced in stillness.  We can be mindful of any movement when we bring awareness to it.  By noticing sensations and thoughts as we move can bring new ways of experiencing the activity. 

    One simple way of moving mindfully is a walking meditation as it invites a sense of grounded-ness and it is very useful when we feel fragmented, anxious or disconnected. 

    Join me for this in-person meditation session as we practice walking with awareness,  openness and ease being interested in what happens – noticing any habitual patterns of rushing, zoning out, and tensing.


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