In-Person Meditation Session – 25/05/2022

In-Person Meditation Session – 25/05/2022


Monday 25th May 2022 – 7.30pm to 9pm

Cost is €20.00

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    R.A.I.N Meditation – A 4 Step process – IN-PERSON Session 

    This meditation is a powerful technique to use to battle negative self-talk or calm anxious thoughts.  With mindfulness as its foundation this practice is about taking the time to pause and pay attention to what you’re experiencing.  Putting words on how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking can be difficult as our emotions and thoughts are fleeting, changing constantly.

    This meditation helps us to recognise what’s happening in the moment, allows us to be just as we are, to investigate the sensations in our body as a result of these thoughts and feeling and to name them gently to ourselves. R.A.I.N meditation meets us just where we are at without judgement or avoidance.

    I do hope you’ll join me at this in-person meditation session as we practice this 4 step process in handling difficulty emotions.

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