In-Person Meditation Session – 8th December 2022

In-Person Meditation Session – 8th December 2022


Thursday 8th December 2022 – 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Cost is €20.00

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    Compassionate Attention – In-Person Session 

    Compassion is ideally part of every moment of mindful living. Compassionate attention involves connecting to a sense and motivation of caring toward ourselves and others. It doesn’t always mean focusing only on the positive things but on things that are painful for us both internally – our thoughts and physical sensations and externally – the suffering of others.

    Bringing a warm-hearted acceptance to all the thoughts, feelings and sensations we experience will strengthen our capacity for kindness.

    I do hope you’ll join me for this in-person meditation session as we bring compassionate attention to ourselves and others

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