Refresh your Reiki Symbols – 16/10/2021

Refresh your Reiki Symbols – 16/10/2021


The cost of this 1/2 Day session is €65.00

Venue: Rathfarnham – 10am to 2pm

  • Description


    Refreshing your Reiki symbols can reawaken your love for Reiki.  Attending a course such as this enables you to reconnect and refresh your knowledge of these symbols, their mantras and their uses.

    This 1/2 Day in-person session is an opportunity to remember that deep sense of peace that comes from practising Reiki and how with fresh eyes and a new perspective you can, once again integrate this energy into your everyday life.

    It may be some time since you’ve completed your Reiki Level II and you may think you’ve forgotten everything, the symbols, their uses and their power.  Participation in this session will allow you to recognise, once again, that the Reiki symbols are portals to help you connect with, focus and use the energy.

    As this session will take place in my home the number of participants is limited to just FIVE to ensure that we all remain safe, space to socially distance and that there’s an opportunity to practice the symbols on yourself and perhaps on others.

    I hope you’ll join me for this 1/2 Day Workshop to sit in the healing energy, to re-discover the joy of this healing modality and to reconnect with the power of the symbols.




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