“In your right place” Workshop

“In your right place” Workshop


The cost of this one day workshop is €125.00. A deposit of €50.00 to reserve your place.  

Balance due on morning of course.


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    Are you in your right place? 

    At times our experiences and beliefs are created not by reality, but by our perception of reality. Accordingly our perceptions of our challenges or issues are often distorted and subjective and this unique perception can cause distress and anguish. Through the expansion of our consciousness or awareness, we can sometimes increase access to our own resources by illuminating new images and innovative solutions to frustrating challenges in our lives.

    This one day workshop “Are you in your right place” provides an opportunity to explore where you are in your life from a different perspective. Finding your right place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is a basic need. In this place we can feel comfortable, at peace and purposeful. Taking your right place in Life is essential.

    This workshop will create a space for you to engage with your innate wisdom and get out of your own way thus freeing you to form a new and healthier perspective. This way of working is simple but powerful and provides deep insights quickly and adeptly.

    Why attend this workshop?
    • Personal issues impacting professional life
    • Apathy, uncertainty, feeling stuck
    • Life choices & decision points
    • Personal or professional loss of direction

    If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity to explore if you are truly in the “right” place then this workshop might be for you.  Please contact me.




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