Monthly Meditation Session – 07/07/2021

Monthly Meditation Session – 07/07/2021


Wednesday 7th July 2021 – 7.45pm to 8.45pm

Cost is €10.00

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    Moving from Head to Heart 

    The transition from head to heart is difficult for many of us, but the time has come to move beyond the mind.  Moving beyond the mind does not mean that we are losing the mind in any way, for it will continue to be of service to us. It just means we place the majority of our attention onto something else, a more powerful force—the heart.

    The emotions we experience affect our heart so shifting to a positive emotional state can change the response from the heart to the brain in ways that are good for us.  Learning to listen from our heart when someone is speaking to us, we can learn to hear more than their words.

    I do hope you’ll join me at this online monthly meditation session and let’s practice moving out of our heads and into our hearts.


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