Monthly Meditation Session – 12/05/2022

Monthly Meditation Session – 12/05/2022


Thursday 12th April 2022 – 7.45pm to 8.45pm

Cost is €10.00

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    Mindful Patience – Online Session 

    Patience is a form of wisdom.  It shows that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time in our lives.  Patience is the way to develop courage, the way to find out what life is really about. Practising patience is good for us as it keeps blood pressure at a healthy level, and we’re more inclined to take things in our stride and are slower to anger and quicker to forgive.

    On a psychological level when we practice patience our thoughts are more tolerant, more positive and uplifting and the inner chatter less frantic.  Patience is a form of respect for ourselves and others, an antidote to anger and aggression and exercising patience is good for our health.

    I do hope you’ll join me for this online meditation session as we practice patience.


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