Monthly Meditation Session 12/11/2020

Monthly Meditation Session 12/11/2020


Thursday 12th November 2020 – 8pm to 9pm

Cost is €10.00

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    Mindfulness of everyday activities

    Our lives are comprised of moments, one after another. For instance, today you may have woken up, turned off your alarm, got up, showered, dried yourself, had breakfast, and then sat at your desk etc. We can engage in each of these moments/activities with a sense of curiosity and engagement, or on automatic pilot.  Bringing this attitude of inquisitiveness to whatever we are doing helps us to become more present and awake in every moment of our lives. The more we make effort to bring mindfulness to our experiences, the more we will find ourselves spontaneously just “dropping into the moment” without even trying during the day.

    Join me online and let’s practice bringing mindfulness to these moments.




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