One-2-One In-Person Map the Issue

One-2-One In-Person Map the Issue


The cost of this 90 minute in-person session is €250.00

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    Have you ever wanted to step outside and have a look in?
    Detach from the stories that you tell yourself and just “see” what is?
    Explore a “stuck” issue from a different perspective?

    Sometimes our own life story is complicated or difficult and we seem trapped in repeating behaviours and patterns.  Imagine being able to step back and view any issues we’re experiencing from a different perspective?  What if we could recognise our hidden loyalties and entanglements?  Bring new awareness to our “stuck-ness” in order that we could let go and allow fresh energy to flow helping us to find resolution and peace.

    In this 90 minute in-person session I use a powerful technique called “mapping” to look at a question or issue that may seem “stuck”, at a whole new level. This simple yet profound method offers a complete and previously unseen picture of an issue, dynamic or situation.

    The approach provides you with the opportunity to work from a different perspective, rather than trying to solve the problem intellectually. From this perspective you are more able to see “what’s really going on”.  It doesn’t just promise a different perspective it actually provides one.

    The process is simple yet deeply efficient and in the session, a difficult issue or challenge can be looked at in an entirely fresh way. You leave the session with new insights, ideas and approaches to issues that may have felt challenging for some time.

    Benefits of working this way include:
    • Quickly identifies and reveals the roots of very challenging underlying issues.
    • Clarifies otherwise invisible difficulties, finds hidden resources and resolution.
    • Helps you to find your ‘place’ using a uniquely powerful approach.
    • Creates a focus on ‘seeing the whole’ and ‘acknowledging what is your current reality’ in order to move forward and resolve the real issues.

    If it’s time for you to illuminate what is “stuck” in your personal or professional life and to look at it in a different way, contact me to make an appointment. 


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