One-2-One Mapping of an issue – Online Session

One-2-One Mapping of an issue – Online Session


The cost of this 90 minute online session is €125.00

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    How do you show up each day for your life and work?

    Does the best version of yourself inhabit your personal and professional life?

    Have you ever wanted to step outside and have a look in?

    Detach from the stories that we tell ourselves and just “see” what is?

    Using an innovative and powerful method called “mapping”, this is an opportunity to illuminate and transform challenges, both for individuals and for organisations.  It is a simple but potent way to reach new perspectives and can be used in situations where you feel ‘stuck’, demotivated, challenged, unconnected or simply “out of place”.  

    As a systemic coach I have been integrating “mapping” into 1-2-1 coaching for some time now but due to the current restrictions and social distancing requirements I have moved to working with this method using a virtual format.  This technique looks at a question or issue that may seem “stuck”, at a whole new level. This method of working is a visual and participative way of solving difficult or “stuck” issues and allows you to “map” or view your internal picture.  The approach provides you with the opportunity to work from a different perspective, rather than trying to solve the problem intellectually. It doesn’t just promise a different perspective it actual provides one.

    This 90 minute online session is a simple yet highly efficient exploratory process and opens the possibilities to receiving insights, movement, new perspectives and transformation in a deep and meaningful way from the privacy of your own space.

    You and I, as Facilitator and client, will work together in one shared document while communicating through Zoom.  Throughout the session you, as the client, will be able to move and change representing symbols in order to “test or explore” the strengths, challenges and dynamics of your map.  Unexpected insights can be revealed during this process and can lead to transformation and movement within your system.

    Benefits of working this way include:
    • Quickly identifies and reveals the roots of very challenging underlying issues.
    • Clarifies otherwise invisible difficulties, finds hidden resources and resolution.
    • Helps you to find your ‘place’ using a uniquely powerful approach.
    • Creates a focus on ‘seeing the whole’ and ‘acknowledging what is your current reality’ in order to move forward and resolve the real issues.

    If it’s time for you to illuminate what is “stuck” in your personal or professional life and to look at it in a different way, then please do contact me to book your session – 


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