Online Meditation Session 28/10/2020

Online Meditation Session 28/10/2020


Wednesday 28th October 2020 – 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Cost is €10.00

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    Remove the Lens of Judgement!

    As human beings our brain is constantly making judgements based on our experiences.  Judging is such a well-ingrained response, automatically judging things as good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair, important or unimportant, urgent or non-urgent and so on.  It happens so fast that we hardly notice when we’re doing it, but our experiences are inevitably coloured right when we get to them, so mindfulness is about being aware of that and taking a fresh perspective.

    Imagine taking off a heavy pair of glasses through which you have viewed your experiences – your thoughts, emotions, and sensations and stepping back to view your world unhindered by these dense, bulky, cloudy lenses of judgement?

    I do hope you’ll join me online as we practice sitting with awareness and non-judgement observing all this is going on for us unimpeded.




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