Online Meditation Session – 29th August 2022

Online Meditation Session – 29th August 2022


Monday 29th August 2022 – 8pm to 9pm

Cost is €10.00

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    Learn to Receive – Online Session 

    Most of us find that giving comes so much more naturally than receiving. Most of us find it easier to give – it is a very spiritual practice to give and not to expect anything in return. However as in nature there must be balance. Trees receive the warmth, sunshine and rain to grow and survive and in turn they give fruits and berries, provide shadow to those who seek it and breeding places for all the birds.

    So we too as human beings need to learn to receive gracefully, whether its love, a compliment, a gentle hug from a friend, a gift from someone, an open ear from someone who listens to our worries. By not allowing ourselves to receive, we will eventually get depleted. Learning to receive is a powerful teacher, and when we engage wholeheartedly with it, we are expressing our self-worth, vulnerability, appreciation and love.

    Join this online session and let’s practice learning to receive.

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