Online Meditation Session – 29th September 2022

Online Meditation Session – 29th September 2022


Thursday 29th September 2022 – 8pm to 9pm

Cost is €10.00

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    Mindful Communications – Online Session 

    Communicating with others can offer one of the greatest opportunities to practice mindfulness. Our daily communication with family, friends and work colleagues is filled with abundant possibilities to stay present to how we feel and act – moment to moment. Practicing mindful communication necessitates that we slow down and allow ourselves to really look at the choices we make with others.

    While it may be easy to communicate with kindness and respect to those we care about, how far does that regard extend to those who try our patience? How considerate are we with people we’ll never meet again? How gracious are we when pressures mount? How mindful do we believe we should be with people we don’t like?

    Join me at this online meditation session and let’s practice communicating with kindness and awareness.

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