Rediscover your Reiki Symbols – 2 Hour Online Session

Rediscover your Reiki Symbols – 2 Hour Online Session


Thursday 4th February 2021 – 7pm to 9pm

Cost is €47.00 and includes copies of the symbols

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    Is it time to re-awaken your knowledge of the Reiki Symbols from your Level II course?
    Do you feel disconnected from the healing energy of Reiki?
    Have you forgotten how to draw these sacred symbols?

    It may be years since you’ve taken your Reiki Level II course, you may think you’ve forgotten everything, wonder about the symbols and how to fit them into your life and day.

    During this 2 hour refresher session you will have an opportunity to renew your knowledge on how to draw the Reiki symbols, rediscover their mantras and understand their purpose. This session will allow you to reconnect to the deep sense of peace that comes from self-practice. These symbols are powerful portals of energy and they can help to protect, seal, manifest, ground, clear and release.

    Do hope you’ll join me for this session to sit in the healing energy, to re-discover the joy of this healing modality and perhaps look with fresh eyes and a new perspective at the power of the symbols.




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