Reiki Level One Course

Reiki Level One Course


The cost of the two days is €255.00 – Balance of payment is due prior to the first day of the course.

Course manual is included in the price.

  • Description


    The world as we know it is challenging us in lots of way and the demands on us physically, mentally and emotionally is growing every day.
    In order to not only survive but to thrive in this environment we need to learn to protect our energy and increase our well-being?
    Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that combines subtle wisdom and energy or life force. Energy is challenging to comprehend in all its complexities. While reading is helpful for intellectual comprehension, the actual experience itself teaches you.

    The main focus of this powerful two day Reiki Level 1 course is to allow you to bring awareness to your own health and well-being. You can learn to take time to listen to the messages that your body provides for you and discover how to trust your “inner” voice which tells you when something feels “right”. The state of “energy” in your body is a very important element in your wellness and any blockages or damage will affect your health.

    During this course you will gain practical experience of the “energy” which will lead to inner understanding and this will help you to:

    (1) Learn to tap into the power of your own energy
    (2) Improve your well-being and vitality
    (3) Experience inner peace and contentedness
    (4) Learn to trust your intuition
    (5) Become more centred
    (6) Discover how you can effectively deal with pain and stress

    Upon completion of this 2 day course a Reiki Level 1 Certificate will be provided plus Reiki Level 1 Manual

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