Step into the Light – 1 Day Workshop

Step into the Light – 1 Day Workshop


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    Imagine accessing your Soul’s wisdom, tuning into your Body’s intelligence, trusting your Intuition, opening your Heart and listening to your true Voice.  These are some of the aspects that will be explored in this powerful and transformational workshop.

    This one day workshop is a portal or gateway into the Light, illuminating issues that may have been holding you back, keeping you from being your best self.  The day offers the opportunity to step into the Light– to “see” what is, allowing you to experience that “soul feeling” when something is right for you.  Develop and trust your intuition, and tune into the language of spirit and the voice of truth.

    During this day you will be encouraged to set aside the critical mind, the other voices, the ego, the conscious mind and to trust your intuition to really hear and see what you need to.  Create a new path to emotional and mental freedom, as you learn to let go of what no longer serves you. 

    This work brings together all my skills and experience as a systemic constellator, executive coach and energy healer.  It is a brave but safe space to look at issues that maybe keeping you stuck.  A portal is not only a way in, it’s also a way out, thus there is an opportunity to let what needs to emerge do so, but to be released if necessary.

    The day offers a sacred space for you to move within in, offering healing, transformation and resolution as you step into the Light.  Join me for this powerful and transformational workshop as we let the light in and leave with your own soul map. 



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