Uplift Programme

Following on from the success of the SUMA workshops and due to Covid-19 restrictions Maire from Smaoineamh and Suzanne from 6th Sense Works have taken this programme online.

The UPLIFT Programme (monthly membership) offers support, accountability and encouragement to move forward in your business with focus, commitment and motivation. Join a community of like-minded, but diverse business owners to explore new ideas and perspectives, gain access to resources that can help increase your visibility, your networking and ultimately your profitability.  Surrounding yourself with people who are motivated and committed to growing their business is contagious and you’ll find yourself inspired to make positive changes, and to set and achieve even bigger goals.

This 12 month membership programme looks at topics such as Strategy, Time Management, Boundaries, Networking, Refining Product/Service offering, Growth, Business Processes, Diversity, Self-Care and Communication under five main pillars of business:-

  1. Finance
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Operations/Delivery
  4. Products & Services
  5. People

Your subscription includes material on the current exercises, handouts, 2 live monthly Sessions that includes group coaching sessions.  You have the flexibility to join “live” each month or access the recorded sessions at a time that best suits you.

This Programme suitable for?

  • Self Employed businesspeople.
  • Small Business Owners (1-5 Employees)
  • Those in business for some time that may need to refocus, adapt, or reenergise their business.
  • Those in full time employment thinking about making the leap to become a business owner.
  • Those with a part-time business, looking to make a transition to a full time profitable business.
  • Those ready to ‘go for it’!

If this sounds like a good investment for you and your business then book here