“Are you in your right place?” – One Day Workshop – 13/04/24

“Are you in your right place?” – One Day Workshop – 13/04/24


Saturday 13th April 2024 – 10am to 5pm

Investment: €140.00


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    Each of us has a place and a right to belong….

    A deep sense of belonging helps us to feel grounded, centred and safe.  It brings about an energy of calmness and resilience and an inner resourcefulness that’s not dependent on outside forces.  

    This One Day Systemic Constellation workshop offers a way of looking at hidden dynamics that are “below the radar” of our awareness and which can entangle and keep us  “stuck” over long periods of time.  In order to “see” these entanglements we need to amplify our powers of perception thus enabling us to gain new insights and wisdom. 

    Constellations are capable of healing challenges and issues that do not yield to more familiar approaches and where there are recurrent problems, repeated behaviour or outcomes and it offers another image of how things might be.

    You will benefit from this workshop if you have journeyed down the long road of constant questioning, self-doubt, second-guessing and haven’t come up with any different insights in relation to a challenge or issue that seems intractable.

    Take the time to step into this shared space with a willingness and curiosity to explore your place from a different perspective.  Discover and possibly shed new light on both your abilities and difficulties in finding your “right” place. 

    This is an opportunity for resolution, transformation and healing.



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