Organisational Mapping

Organisational Mapping

This “Creating Maps” approach provides real simplicity and key insights into the working dynamics of a team. Specifically, it enables understanding and exploration of the relationships with individual members. It ensures relationships are where they need to be and what corrective actions should be taken in order to create a thriving and enjoyable environment for everyone to succeed. Using this methodology a team can become stronger, more aligned and more supportive of each other, which in turn brings more value to the wider organisation.

If a team is experiencing difficulties, lacks energy or focus, is locked in repeating patterns or conflicts, or is stuck, this method of working offers them the opportunity to separate out from the issues and view challenges from a different perspective. Even those at the top of their game can become “stuck” in repeating patterns and behaviours. The intention of this work is to support clarity for the individual and the team.

Navigating changes is a uniquely personal experience and we all respond differently. Change initiatives grounded in this way of working can build on the existing strengths of a team to produce achievable and actionable plans which can be implemented even under challenging circumstances.

This methodology enables people to see beyond the obvious issues to reveal the hidden undercurrents that can frustrate a system. Making implicit knowledge explicit helps understand system dynamics, recognise challenges and solve them.

The unique feature of this work is that it enables transformation of situations whether personal, relational, and practical by working on the whole system, restoring harmony and balance for a team. This methodology directly affects clients on the level they need change on and enables energy and collaboration to flow productively in teams and organisations.


Problems that arise in organisations are almost always the product of interactions of parts, never the action of a single part”.
Russ Ackoff

Creating Maps is useful in:

Exploring a work situation or interpersonal relationship from a different perspective.
Defining a strategy for a team or organisation
Managing conflicts within a team or organisation
Answering personal questions as “Should I stay or should I leave? “
Clarifying the client’s own place in the team or organisation.
Supporting decision-making in all the business areas
Seeing the systemic “interactive” effects in different company departments
Testing the efficiency of important steps or changes in an organisation
Locating the key element in order to rapidly and successfully achieve change.

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