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Commencing Monday 30th August 2021 – 7 Days of Gratitude Meditations

Research has found that practicing gratitude is good for you.  So I’ve decided to kick-start a practice of gratitude with 7 days of gratitude meditations.

Commencing Monday 30th August I’ll send you a daily meditation which reflects the things I’m grateful for that day. 

Listen for FREE and hopefully it will provoke some reflection around what you’re grateful for that day.  Noticing just 3 things each day that bring you joy, make you smile, bring a sense of contentment and pleasure.

All you need is an open heart and two minutes of your time to stop and reflect.  Maybe commit to writing down the 3 things you’re grateful for on that day.  Keeping a written record of things you’re grateful for can help bring light perhaps to the darker moments in the week.  Taking time daily to focus on the precious and treasured things with appreciation and hope.

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