I work as an executive coach, systemic constellator, mindfulness facilitator and Reiki practitioner and teacher.  What connects them all is PEOPLE either on a one-2-one basis or in groups and my work involves not only the left logical brain but also the more intuitive right side.

As much of our world is made up of things we don’t know – such as how long we’re going to live, what might happen to us and how we’re going to be – why do we resist tending to the intuitive mind in favour of the more “how-to” practical one?  Are they not both part of us and are they not equally as important?

Verbal reasoning and linear analysis are part of the left brain processes and are celebrated and rewarded in everyday life.  However what about our intuition or a gut reaction or feeling – any prizes for them?

Dr. Judith Orloff MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and author of Guide To Intuitive Health and The Empath’s Survival Guide, encourages us to “access, develop and amplify intuition”.  She suggests trusting our gut reactions, taking mini meditation moments or silences, and paying attention to our energy not only physical but emotional and spiritual.

If personal development is looking inward and seeing how we can gain skills and partake in training to help us reach our full potential then surely it should include a space to access and trust our intuition?  Investing in a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around can uncover greater awareness and appreciation.

What is your intuition telling you?

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