I thought I liked change! 

But discovered recently that I’m not as good with it as I thought!

I practice yoga and attend a yoga class on a regular basis.  I like the teacher, the atmosphere that she creates and mostly I like her practical, efficient and professional way she runs the class.  I’m comfortable!

Recently the yoga teacher was unavailable and a replacement teacher took the class.  My initial reaction, when I arrived for the class, was to back out quietly, say nothing, and just not attend.  This class wouldn’t be the same because the teacher was different and she wouldn’t do it the same way.  But I’m good with change – aren’t I? 

So I took my place and began the class.

However, upon reflection, I discovered that I didn’t like this change and that I silently sabotaged my own practice.  The yoga poses or asanas became fraught with frustration and tension.  My breathing was laborious and jagged and most of all, my mind refused to settle, to let go of distractions, thoughts or feelings.

So why do we dislike or sometimes even fear change?

Change isn’t simply about accepting something unknown – it’s about giving up something old for something new.  Unconsciously we can believe that doing something a particular way for a long time must be “good”, therefore changing something might mean “not as good”.

If you’re thinking about trying to bring some change into your life both personally and professionally first be aware of the power of your unconscious beliefs and what this means:   

“Unconscious beliefs are agreements we have in our mind that we have no awareness we are holding. In spite of not having any intellectual knowledge of our own beliefs, they can still cause us to have emotional reactions and sabotaging behaviours”.

We all carry unconscious beliefs that often come from childhood and can limit our ability to make changes in our lives.  Whether it’s to lose weight, get fitter, spend more time with our families, put our finances in order or have more balance in our lives, nothing will stick if there is conflict between our conscious and unconscious beliefs and deeply held unconscious beliefs will always rule the day!

Therefore if you want to make changes in your life perhaps a question to ask yourself is “do your current beliefs continue to serve you or is it time to make new ones?”