Returning to my yoga practice after an extended break, I relished the feeling of getting back onto my mat and reconnecting with the meditation that is yoga.

In the midst of making peace with the fact that my body had become stiff and less flexible over the time I had been away my yoga teacher said something that really resonated with me.

She talked about creating space – space in the body to breathe and also noticing what space we take up on our mats. And I thought of our lives… much space do we create in our lives?  Space for silence, for resting, for expansion and development.  Is everything crammed into the same space, like our bodies on the yoga mat?  Taking up the familiar space perhaps in the middle of the mat ignoring the availability of more space on either sides or at the top or bottom? 

If we embrace the opportunity to create space we can encourage “new” into our lives.  By making space we can encourage our Soul/Spirit to expand and deepen and access who we truly are and in that space the “true” you can show up.

Make some space today.