As a Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner I’m often asked how this type of energy healing works as there’s much scepticism around what can’t be seen but is experienced. It’s similar for gravity, electromagnetic waves, ultrasound and infrasound, we can’t see them, but we can observe their effects on objects, us as human beings and the universe.‬‬

Science states that our bodies are made of cells and cells consist of atoms. Atoms, in very simple terms, are the building blocks of all things on earth, and are made up of particles and energy. So our bodies are made up of energy – we are energy!

I recently read an article on ResearchGate – Publication 318658079 – “Measuring Reiki Healing – Mystery, Placebo or Real Energy Healing” which looked at measuring the energy transferred from the hand of healers to the patient/client. Using highly sensitive equipment they recorded the energy of both client and healer before a Reiki session and then afterwards. “Thus, discovering that Reiki healers don’t use their own energy to heal but channel electric energy through the top of their heads from the atmosphere……and also channel magnetic energy from the earth”.

So logically thinking, if energy is transferred to the client during a Reiki session, the client must gain some energy. Thereby allowing healing energy to balance and settle in areas of the body that most need it.