The power of healing through images is remarkable.  Our minds can heal and change through the use of images.  As WB Yeats once said, “Wisdom first speaks through images”.

When we encounter new images and experiences, they create fresh neural pathways in our brain.  This integration of new images and perspectives stimulates change within us, like creating a new mental map for our journey towards healing and growth.

Within the transformative space of a systemic constellation workshop, an invaluable opportunity unfolds, where the catalyst for change lies in the introduction of new images. In this space, participants are given the opportunity to access untapped insights and newfound wisdom.

By creating a living map of a particular issue or challenge, workshop attendees are presented with a unique vantage point—an opportunity to sit back and observe from a different perspective. 

This potent shift in perspective serves as a revealing lens, capable of unveiling hidden dynamics or entanglements within the realms of life, business, relationships, communities and organisations.

If you’d like to explore new images for change, then a Systemic Constellation Workshop will provide that opportunity.