Recently I was moving some books around and in the midst of the reorganisation out fell a book by Stuart Wilde – Silent Power.  A book I’ve had for a very long time but hadn’t read in a while.  In it I can across this beautiful description of our energy field and I thought I’d share it with you…..

“Around you is a subtle electromagnetic body of energy that is sometimes call the subtle body and is normally unseen by the naked eye.  This is where the real you resides.  It’s also where your real feelings reside.

Imagine it to be a faint energy field, like a colourless mist.  But unlike a slow, wafting mist, the etheric is moving very quickly.  Flashing through it are mini-lightning bolts of energy…underlying the flashes are great waves of rolling energy that move up and down, tumbling and turning in response to emotion.  The blueprint of the real human, affecting your physical, mental and emotional balance and fortitude.”

Silent Power, author Stuart Wilde 1996