Each of us possesses a human energy field that extends anywhere from 60cm to 2 metres from our bodies – an invisible magnet perpetually attracting energies from people, places and situations.  Based on the principle that like attracts like, the state of our energy field will attract people and events which are of a similar kind.

In our daily interactions with other people, we cannot always avoid absorbing countless energies from them into our own energy field. Some may be  positive and useful, but others are not. We also take on board energies from buildings, places, even the chairs we sit on. Our thoughts and emotions further influence this energy field.

Therefore it is crucial to cleanse our energy field each day. By doing so we can release the energies of others, allowing us to rest easily at night in preparation for the next day.

Protecting our energy field can be as simple as setting boundaries, confidently saying no, limiting the duration of interactions that may be challenging and decreasing social engagements.  Identifying moments when we need to ground and centre ourselves, is imperative.  Therefore utilising some simple mindful breathing techniques is an effective way to restore balance to our mind and body.

Learning to protect our energy field empowers us to fully engage in our daily life.