Many of us spend our days caught in a whirlwind of constant interruptions—phone notifications, emails, calls, and meetings. We bounce from task to task without pausing, ending the day frazzled and unsure of what we’ve truly accomplished, only to repeat the cycle. Could there be another way to be? Could we do less but do it better?

Research indicates that once distracted, it takes 23 minutes to regain focus. This lost time can be reduced through a simple practice of focused attention.  By noticing when our mind drifts and gently bringing it back repeatedly to a focal point, such as our breath, we cultivate focused attention. This practice enhances our ability to concentrate, reduces mind-wandering, and helps us regain our composure after interruptions.

This easy but powerful practice strengthens the prefrontal cortex and boosts productivity, allowing us to reclaim our time, reduce stress, and transform our everyday life