I was reminded of this recently when I came across an advert on TV.  Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz was clicking her red shoes together and reciting “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”.  Her one wish was to go home!

Home can mean many things but lately I’ve realised that coming home to Self was more important than any physical place. 

I like that when I’m “at home” with Self I’m more aware of how my thoughts, feelings, and emotions can distract and displace my attention.  Being at home allows me to imagine that I’m sitting on a virtual wall and how effortlessly I become aware of people, objects, colours, textures, odours, tastes and sounds around me.  Rather than having to describe everything in intricate detail or attach a story to every event, I can just observe, take everything as it is, without judgement or evaluation. 

When I’m not “at home” I’m rudderless and distracted.  I’m lost and ungrounded.  Continuously questioning why something isn’t working, why life isn’t flowing or why there isn’t more. 

Then there’s a sudden lightbulb moment….a moment of awareness!  A realisation that in order to come home to Self, all I need to do is take a breath, a conscious breath and reconnect with my inner wisdom, my intuition, my awareness.  Paying attention in the present moment to all that’s going on for me both internally and externally without any judgement – that’s mindfulness!

So click your red shoes together today and come home to Self.